New features!

Hi all!

We've just added some new features, and there are plenty more coming soon.
You may now start receiving alerts on your homepage either from us or from other teachers at your school. Soon you will be able to create alerts and link to classes, assessments or students as you will to loop in other members of staff. Ultimately, we would like to show you a feed of relevant information about your students and classes whenever you log in. This is the first (baby) step towards that!

Additionally, we've made some features available to department leads and school administrators. Now you can transfer responsibility for an assessment from one teacher to another (useful in case of temporary illness), or add additional teachers to a class.

This is all in preparation for the release of our biggest round of features between now and the full product launch in January. We are adding moderation to SmartRubric! This means that you will be able to request moderation for an assessment, and then see how different teachers evaluate it. This is useful for marking standardisation throughout the year, but most especially when coursework submission dates roll around and you need to provide evidence of internal moderation to the examining body. We will make sure that the tools you need to provide minimum input/maximum output reports and paper trails when it comes time to submit.

Alongside this, we are going to prepare for student self assessment as well. Now, the student portal isn't ready yet, but when it is we want to make sure it is as beneficial as possible to teachers, students and parents. Student self assessment is one of the features that we must launch with -- imagine students being able to engage with the mark scheme you will be using before you mark by evaluating their own work against it, and then being able to compare their assessment with yours?

Keep an eye out for these exciting developments over the coming weeks.


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