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How to connect your MIS to SmartRubric

We're happy to say that we are now able to connect SmartRubric to your MIS via Assembly! Here's our post about it if you missed it.  If you are here, I'm assuming that you've already requested a free Data Manager account from SmartRubric, and you have set up an Assembly Account (if not, please kick off the process by emailing ). How to connect your data:  Before you begin, you will need:  A SmartRubric Data Manager account A working Assembly Account, connected to your MIS Your log in information for the Assembly Platform Sign in to with your Data Manager account Go to Click the Connect Now  button and follow the instructions on the screen to authenticate with your Assembly account information. Now you will be prompted to configure your connection to Assembly. If you have been using SmartRubric without a connection to your MIS, this is where you connect the studen