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SmartRubric Connect: Ad hoc students and student groups

If you are syncing your school MIS with SmartRubric, you may find yourself wanting to add students or student groups (like classes or clubs) that do not exist in your MIS . These are called ad hoc students  or ad hoc student groups , and they are a valuable tool for extending the functionality of SmartRubric. Want to put a group of students on behaviour report? Create an ad hoc student group, add your naughty kids, and make some behaviour rubrics. (You could even go so far as to hijack the moderation feature and get all of the kids' form teachers to contribute!). Want to evaluate a group of trainee teachers progress against the teaching standards? Add the trainees as  ad hoc students  and then create an ad hoc student group  so you can assess them over time, just like any other teaching group. To add ad hoc students and student groups , you can navigate to 'Students' or 'Current classes' in the menu bar, respectively. You will have a button at the top of th