New Feature: Multi-class assessments

As a department lead, you may wish to schedule formal assessments for your entire department in advance. 

So, for example, you know that the top three year 10 English sets are going to sit a partial mock exam just before Christmas. As long as all of the assessments use the same rubric, you can link them together by creating a multiple class assessment. All you need to do is click on the yellow 'New multiple class assessment' button on your dashboard, or select 'Assessments > New Multi-Class Assessment' from the navigation menu. 

The process of creating a multiple class assessment is identical to creating a regular assessment, except instead of selecting a single class from the drop down, you can select as many as you like. 

When you create a master assessment in this way, a new assessment for each class you select is added. These new assessments behave exactly like any other assessment -- they show up in the to-do list and gradebook of the responsible teacher. 

Why is this so exciting?
By linking together multiple assessments in this way, you'll soon be able to see performance across classes on formal assessments. That'll make GCSE and A level preparation, prediction and analysis even easier. I'll keep you posted when new reports and queries that leverage this new feature are available to try. 

This feature is new and in beta, so if it doesn't behave quite the way you expect it to, please be patient and send an email to support [at] 


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