Set up your account and start marking in less than 10 minutes

Set up your SmartRubric account, add a class full of students, build a custom rubric and create an assessment in less time than you think.

I know that as a teacher, your time is really precious. Perhaps you've been putting off getting to grips with SmartRubric because you're swamped with work. I know how it goes. But, did you know that you can completely set up your account, create a custom rubric and start marking real student work in less than ten minutes?

For a time investment of just ten minutes, you could be saving hours on time spent marking this term!
I recorded a real-time video as I set up a brand new SmartRubric account. I made a rubric for an in-class English Literature assessment, but you could evaluate anything you like.

All you need to get started is a SmartRubric account (get one for free here), a list of the students in the class that you would like to asses, and a clear idea of the skills or objectives for your assessment.

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