New Features!

We have a lot of great features planned for SmartRubric. We will be updating continuously to ensure that you get the best possible service. Every now and then we will publish a list of what we have added as well as what we have in the pipeline, so check this feed!

The Beta is launching with a fully featured marking engine. You can create custom rubrics and use them to assess your students.

For those of you who have tried out the alpha version, here are the beta features we are most excited about.

Top new features:

  • Batch upload students to your classes (we have a disambiguation process to prevent duplicates!)
  • Import and export rubric files so you can share them with your colleagues
  • The ability to branch rubrics, so if you want to create two similar rubrics you can just copy one and modify the copy. 
  • Search functionality
  • An improved teacher administrator workflow
  • Significant enhancements to the account registration and administration process

Coming soon:

  • Student accounts: students will have their own portal where they can view and interact with their feedback from you (this will be optional!)
  • Simple rubric templates: You will have access to a bank of generic templates for commonly used types of assessments (such as: lab reports, literature essays or art projects). You will be able to import these and modify them to meet the needs of your students. 
  • Enhanced reporting: We have held off on developing a lot of very specific higher-level reporting, because we want to see how people are using SmartRubric and what kind of information they would like see. 


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