Free download - Metacognition and Student Engagement Rubric

A good rubric isn't an assessment tool, it's a learning tool.

Download this rubric for free to help students develop the vocabulary and skills they need to become reflective, strategic learners.

If you're already a SmartRubric user, you can add this rubric to your library by getting it from the Template Library. Just click here and 'add this rubric to my library'.

This rubric would be a great starting place for a conversation with a student about their learning during a tutorial, mentoring session or one-on-one meeting.

Here's a list of questions you can use right now to elicit meaningful student response to your feedback:

What is your biggest priority to work on for next time? Why?
Explain one specific thing that you are going to do before next time to improve. Why do you think it is going to help?
Make a list of small, specific actions you can take next time to improve on a target.
What are your goals for next time? What are you going to try to do to achieve them?
Can you identify something that went particularly well today? What was different?

Did you feel more distracted or focused than usual today? Why might that be?
Here are a few things that can affect concentration. Can you identify some that may have affected you today? What strategies could you put in place for next time that could help?

  • hunger
  • tiredness
  • something more important on your mind 
  • tasks to difficult
  • tasks too easy.

Did you feel more or less willing to keep working on challenging tasks than usual today? Why might that be? Sometimes your mood can affect your willingness to persist with challenging tasks. How could you connect your mood to your work today?

What strategies did you put in place before this assessment? How could you connect them to specific outcomes today? Choose one of the strategies you put in place before this assessment. How easy was it to stick to? How could you change it a little bit to make it easier to stick to and/or more effective? 


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