Integrate your School Data with SmartRubric

I'm really excited to announce that beginning in September, we plan for SmartRubric to be able to integrate with some school management systems -- SIMS, ScholarPack, Bromcom, RM Integris, Arbor and Advanced. 

That means that if you connect SmartRubric to your school MIS via Assembly, you and your department will be able to log in and get marking -- no need to set up classes and students!

The integration won't cost you anything if you have 15 or more teachers using SmartRubric, otherwise, SmartRubric will levy a £6/month flat charge. If you would like to start using SmartRubric in your department(s) starting from September with an MIS integration, I'd be happy to offer you a totally free trial with support for up to 20 teachers for the first half term (new paid customers only).

Just send me an email or schedule a call. I'd be delighted to have a chat with you about how this will work, and how SmartRubric could best support your department goals.

Smart Rubric provides us with a simple, streamlined and powerful tool to assess students and provide quality feedback. I love how much time it has already saved me in marking - I can sail through a whole class assessment which would have taken me a few hours to mark in under an hour. 
-James Topping, 2i/c English (The Catholic High School)


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